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Another Irish Word Beginning with the Letter ‘Y’ (‘Yólais’ as well as ‘yó-yó,’ etc.) Posted by on Aug 4, 2018

(le Róislín) A few years ago I ran a mionsraith of blagmhíreanna about Irish words that started with some of the litreacha neamhthraidisiúnta in the Irish alphabet, like v, w, x, and y (naisc thíos).  Among the few examples that we have for “y” are “yó-yó” (not surprisingly, just add the síneadh fada) and yaincín…

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Comhuaineach, Grafaic, Lóistíocht, Próiseáil, Veicteoireach: Some Irish Vocabulary from the Previous Blog Posted by on May 21, 2017

(le Róislín) Most of the time my interest in Irish vocabulary leans more to the traditional, like words for “potato ridges” (iomairí prátaí), dibbers (stibhíní), spinning jennies (sinéidíní), or querns (brónna).  But the most recent blog (nasc thíos) introduced a few more contemporary terms which may relate to occupations and technologies we see today.  In…

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