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Trí Fhocal ar ‘Asteroid’ (in Irish) Posted by on Feb 28, 2013

(le Róislín) Since we’ve been on this astronomy kick, covering dreigítí agus cóiméid, I figured we may as well cover asteroids as well. Overall, I’d say that of the three terms (meteor, comet, asteroid), the term “astaróideach” is the most straightforward of the three.  There are still several choices, but they all break down into recognizable…

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Is Éan É! Is Eitleán É! Ní Hea — Dreige Atá Ann! (Sorry, Clark!) Posted by on Feb 16, 2013

(le Róislín) Or should that be “dreigít“?  Or “dreigeoideach“?  Bhuel, all three really, I guess, depending on what stage of the event you’re talking about. I thought I had learned all that téarmaíocht réalteolaíoch, at least the buntéarmaí, years ago, but when the news reports start coming in about the Chelyabinsk event, I realized I…

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