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More Phrases about Memory and Remembering (Cuimhne, Cuimhneamh, srl.), including Amnesia Posted by on Jun 5, 2010

Cuimhne [KWIV-neh]: Tá cuimhne agam air sin.  I remember that.  Tá cuimhne na seacht nduine [NIN-yeh] aici.  She has a wonderful memory, lit. the memory of (the) seven people. cuimhní cinn, reminiscences, memoirs cuimhneamh [KWIV-nyav or KWIV-nyoo or KWIV-neh] cuimhneamh míosa [KWIV-nyav MEE-uss-uh], month’s mind cuimhneamh ar bheart [erzh vyart, vy like the “v” in…

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Dá mBeadh Dalí ina Ghaeilgeoir – an tSeasmhacht Cuimhne, srl. Posted by on May 31, 2010

Well, not really.  Tá brón orm má ghéaraigh an teideal sin ar do ghoile.   I’m afraid I indulged in a bit of “meall agus malartaigh” in the title.  This blog is just an examination of words like “memory,”  “remembrance,” and “memorial,” “remember,” and perhaps the most basic of all, “I remember.”  So we’ll be looking at “cuimhne,” “cuimhneamh,”…

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