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Na hUimhreacha Pearsanta i nGaeilge (Irish Personal Numbers and Cuid a Cúig or the Last Installment of Dhá Lá Dhéag na Nollag) Posted by on Jan 6, 2011

(le Róislín) Fotheideal (perhaps too long for the subject line): Ag comhaireamh na ndaoine san amhrán “Dhá Lá Dhéag na Nollag” Learning to use the numbers in Irish is often considered one of the more challenging aspects of the language.   Often you start out with the “maoluimhreacha” (independent numbers) such as “a haon, a dó…

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“Ór,” “Óir” or “Órga”? “Fáinne” or “Éan”? Éan?! (Cuid a Trí: Dhá Lá Dhéag na Nollag) Posted by on Dec 31, 2010

We’re up to day five of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” usually sung as “five gold rings,” with the word “gold” stretched into two syllables (go-old) to fit the song’s meter.   Some people sing “golden,” which will slightly change our translation into Irish.  Of special interest, though, at least don aistritheoir seo, is the theory…

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