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How to say ‘port’ and ‘starboard’ in Irish and a few other nautical terms Posted by on Mar 31, 2019

(le Róislín)   Nautical terms have always intrigued me, including such colorful ones as “scuttlebutt” and “three sheets to the wind.”  So today I thought I’d cover a few of the most basic terms pertaining to parts of a boat or ship.  If there’s interest, perhaps we can cover more such terms in the future…

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The Word “Before” in Irish, Part 3 Posted by on Oct 4, 2010

Now we’ve taken care of five of the seven-plus ways to say “before” in Irish, which Seanchán had asked about (roimh, sula/sular, os coinne, os comhair, cheana).  The remaining two that he asked about are “thar” and “ar tosach.” First, let me say that both “thar” and “ar tosach” have a variety of other meanings…

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