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Deich bhFrása Shuimiúla as Alt Uí Mhuirthile (‘Saoirí Samhraidh’ san Irish Times), Cuid 1 Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

(le Róislín) In the most recent blogpost, we looked at how the word ‘samhradh‘ appeared in four different ways in an “An Peann Coitianta” column from the Irish Times (naisc thíos).  Even as I was focusing on those four forms (samhradh, samhraidh, an tsamhraidh, samhraí), I kept thinking, “This article is full of great phrases…

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Tá na madraí ag … — barking, growling, whining, yowling, and more, in Irish Posted by on Jun 21, 2016

(le Róislín) In the last blog (nasc thíos), we heard a dog’s assessment of human vs. canine communication, straight from the dog’s mouth, as it were, since the piece was written in “first canine.” Since I just finished reading a heartwarming book of dog stories, set mostly in Wales, I noticed I few more terms…

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