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When Is A ‘Máthair” Not A ‘Mother’ (literally, that is) Posted by on May 7, 2013

 (le Róislín) No, this blog isn’t going to be about toircheas fireann (à la Trip Tucker and the Xyrillians in Star Trek: Enterprise, The Unexpected).  Nor will it be about capaill mhara or snáthaidí mara or the possibilities of toirchis eachtópacha i bhfir as postulated in our homeworld or as speculated about i bhficsean eolaíoch…

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An Mháthair nó an Lá: Cé Acu Atá Sona? Posted by on May 8, 2011

(le Róislín) Some of you may have been wondering how to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Irish.  Previous blogs in the series have talked about the phrase for “Mother’s Day” itself (Lá na Máithreacha, lit. day of the mothers).  But what happens when you want to say the greeting? In Irish, if a greeting is…

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