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Saying Where You’re From “i nGaeilge” Posted by on Jun 2, 2009

The terms “Gael-Mheiriceánaigh,” “Gael-Cheanadaigh,” and “Gael-Astrálach,” discussed on May 28 and earlier, account for a large percentage of the Irish diaspora, outside the U.S.  Now to get more specific.   Two North American groups who could have many members wishing to identify themselves in Irish are the Nova Scotians and the Newfoundlanders. In each case…

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Being a Gael-Mheiriceánach, Gael-Cheanadach, or Gael-Astrálach, or Any Other Nationality “as Gaeilge” Posted by on May 31, 2009

We recently discussed the various ways to use the word “Gael-Mheiriceánach” to say something is “Irish-American” or “I am an Irish-American.” Let’s go global and discuss some more possibilities.   If you’re one of about 4.5 million Canadians with Irish ancestry, you could say, “Is Gael-Cheanadach mé.”  If you’re one of almost 2 million Irish-Australians…

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Bhuf! Bhuf! An Chéad Mhadra – Bo Obama – The First Dog Posted by on May 16, 2009

If you don’t see the image, please go to   Does it get any cuter?  Bo Obama agus lei (muince Haváíoch) air.   Stocaí bána ar a chosa tosaigh agus eireaball pom-pom!   Bibe bán aige.  Is Uisceadóir Portaingéalach é.   Ní dóigh liom go bhfuil aon rud níos gleoite!      Photo: Pete…

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