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Cleachtadh le Logainmneacha ó Iowa go hUíbh Fhailí Posted by on Jul 25, 2011

(le Róislín) Before going further with more place name possibilities, let’s practice some more with the patterns we’ve already been working on.  Just as a review, some samples include a)      place names starting with a vowel and with no definite article (“i” becomes “in”): tíortha: in Éírinn, in Iamáice cathracha, bailte, stáit, contaetha, srl.: in…

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Náisiúntachtaí agus Eitneachtaí Eile, srl.: A go beagnach Z Posted by on Jan 31, 2011

And why not regular old “A to Z” as such?  Well, I can’t really find any documentable ethnonym in Irish that starts with “Z.”  Most words which would be candidates actually start with “s” in Irish, since “z” was not a traditional letter in aibítir na Gaeilge.  Mar shampla: Saimbiach, Saimbéiseach, Súlú.  An dtuigeann tú…

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Cultacha Samhna Móréilimh [best-selling] na Bliana 2010 Posted by on Oct 31, 2010

(le Róislín) Here’s  some vocabulary you might enjoy for putting together the names of some of this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.  Some of these are specific trademarked figures, so please note I’m not actually recommending renaming the characters into Irish – just breaking the vocabulary down into its component parts.  Each name I’ve picked…

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