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Leabharlann, Leabhartha, agus an Leabhar Ab Fhearr / Is Fearr Leat Posted by on Aug 6, 2015

(le Róislín) Many Irish words referring to different types of buildings end in “-lann.”  Among these is “leabharlann,” our topic for today. “Leabharlann” ([LyOW -ur-lahn], library) is clearly related to the word “leabhar” ([LyOW -ur], book).  In this regard, Irish is more systematic than English, which has a Germanic word “book” (cf. das Buch) for…

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That’s The Way The Easter Bilby Goes – Cluas i ndiaidh Cluaise (using the Irish verb “to eat”)! Posted by on Apr 10, 2012

(le Róislín) Some of you might remember our brief discussion of “An Bilbí Cásca” last year when we were talking about Máirt Chásca as a lá saoire bainc?  Where is that extra bank holiday, which none of the rest of us get, observed?  “Bilbí” is a bit of a clue — sa Tasmáin!  I say…

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