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Deireadh an tSamhraidh, Cuid 3: How to say “I didn’t go to …” in Irish (speaking of ‘Saoirí Samhraidh’) Posted by on Aug 29, 2016

(le Róislín) As mentioned in the last blogpost, today we’ll look at negative answers to some of the questions posed in this “Deireadh an tSamhraidh” series, a continuation of the idea of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.”  Often when we have “no” answers to questions, we add something like “… but I did…

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Tuilleadh Téarmaí Oíche Shamhna (More Halloween Terms) Posted by on Oct 31, 2009

(le Róislín) An bhfuil culaith Oíche Shamhna agat?  Do you have a Halloween costume? Má tá, cén sórt culaithe atá ann? An mbeidh tú i do vaimpír?  [un may too ih duh VAM-peerzh?]      Beidh [bay] / Ní bheidh [nee vay] For these questions, note that you’re literally saying something like, “Will you be in your vampire?”…

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