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An Briathar “Cloisteáil” (the verb “to hear”) agus Clásail Choibhneasta – agus Deireadh na Sraithe! Posted by on May 27, 2010

(le Róislín) No longer on the home stretch, we’re done!  This is the last installment of the “irregular verbs in relative clauses.”  Thanks again to mo léitheoir dílis cineálta, Áine, who first requested some treatment of relative clauses (agus a scríobh an oiread sin de nótaí deasa ó thosaigh an blag seo).  Perhaps it’s hard…

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Súil Siar: Clásail Choibhneasta Posted by on May 20, 2010

((le Róislín) It’s been a while since we dealt with the clásail choibhneasta (relative clauses), so I thought I’d do a seisiún súil siar before we wrap up with the remaining irregular verbs. So here are some selections from the previous blogs.  The verb slot has been left blank, to fill in, and freagraí are…

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That’s The Way The Easter Bunny Goes – Cluas i ndiaidh Cluaise (using the Irish verb “to eat”)! Posted by on Apr 9, 2010

(le Róislín) Some of you might still have your chocolate Easter bunnies, or part of them left.  To celebrate the gradual eating of such chocolate bunnies, which usually starts with the cluas (ear), let’s continue our relative clause series with the irregular verb “ith” (eat).  As you’ll see, some forms of “ith” look regular, such…

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Clásail Choibhneasta Neamhdhíreacha san Aimsir Fháistineach: Indirect Relative Clauses in the Future Tense Posted by on Jan 30, 2010

Now that we’ve seen the indirect relative clauses in the present and past tenses, let’s look at similar sentences in the future tense.    As previously, we’ll look further at the verb “to be” and also a couple of regular verbs.  Eventually we’ll be working our way through the other ten irregular verbs Irish has…

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