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Deireadh an tSamhraidh, Cuid 2: How to say where you went this summer (Cá ndeachaigh / An ndeachaigh …?) Posted by on Aug 26, 2016

(le Róislín) As a continuation of the idea of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” which we looked at in the last blogpost (nasc thíos), this time we’ll look at saying where you went or where you did the various activities. So the key phrases we’ll be looking at are: Cá ndeachaigh tú? [kaw…

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Samplaí an fhocail ‘samhradh’ in alt le Liam Ó Muirthile san Irish Times Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

(le Róislín) Now that we’ve worked our way through the various forms of the word “samhradh” (summer) in a recent blogpost (nasc thíos), let’s enjoy them in the article “Saoirí Samhraidh,” in the column “An Peann Coitianta” (by Liam Ó Muirthile), published in The Irish Times (14 August 2002). Here’s a link for the article, so…

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Logainmneacha Ceilteacha agus Náisiúntachtaí a Trí: Celtic Place Names and Nationalities – Wales and the Welsh Posted by on May 3, 2009

We’ve recently discussed the place names Albain (Scotland) and Éire (Ireland).  Now we’ll turn to ”An Bhreatain Bheag” (Wales).  Since “Breatain” is a feminine noun, the adjective that modifies it, “beag” (little) becomes “bheag.”  And since this country name includes the definite article “an” (the), it also causes “Breatain” to change to “Bhreatain,” pronounced with…

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