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Orlaí agus Troithe (Measurements in Irish in the ‘inches/feet’ system) Posted by on Feb 28, 2015

(le Róislín) Even though the world has become increasingly méadrach over the last half-century, there are still many reasons to use the words “inch” and “feet” in measuring, or at least to recognize them in older texts. One main reason is that a few countries still use inches (orlaí), feet (troithe), and yards (slata), as…

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Blas agus Tréithí Leann Dubh Guinness Posted by on Oct 2, 2009

Here are some interesting phrases for describing the taste of Guinness, giving us some new ways to combine Irish vocabulary words.  I’ve translated all of them from fan discussions I’ve found online.  There’s a glossary “ag bun an bhlag” and some pronunciation notes are given:   1)     bainne seacláide na mbeoracha [… nuh MYOR-ukh-uh]  …

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