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“Promemoria” by Gianni Rodari Posted by on Feb 11, 2009

I was browsing through my books this morning when I came across a little poem which I had forgotten all about: it’s called Promemoria (Memo) and was written by Gianni Rodari, a famous children’s author who is also loved by adults. Rodari was born in 1920 in Omegna (Piedmont); when he was young he initially worked as a…

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Aceto Balsamico di Modena Posted by on Feb 8, 2009

Aceto balsamico di Modena is a concentrated, syrupy, dark brown balsamic vinegar with a deep complex aroma; just a few drops of it in any sauce or salad will give it a unique flavor. But what makes aceto balsamico di Modena so special and why is so expensive? Well, as the name implies, authentic balsamic…

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Passato Prossimo e Imperfetto Posted by on Feb 4, 2009

If you’re struggling to understand when to use the present perfect and when it is more appropriate to use the imperfect this blog should help you. In my experience of teaching Italian to English speakers I have found this to be a very common problem. It is equally difficult for Italian people learning English to…

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Campanilismo Posted by on Feb 2, 2009

The word campanilismo, which doesn’t have a specific English translation, derives from campanile (bell tower). The campanile, traditionally the tallest and most prominent building in any town or village, has become, in the concept of campanilismo, an enduring symbol of devotion to, and love of ones region, city, town, village or even quartiere (quarter, small district of a town). Campanilismo is…

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