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In Their Own Words Posted by on Mar 21, 2019

As the title suggests, today’s post is not ‘ours’ as such, but has been written by a small selection of the 9 and 10 year old children who worked alongside us in our printing workshop at a local scuola elementare. N.B. Only two of the thirteen children in this class were boys, hence the male…

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Back To School – Part 3 Posted by on Mar 15, 2019

By popular request … we’re back at school again! In my previous post I wrote about the creative workshops that I’ve been doing with la prima e la seconda elementare (elementary classes 1 and 2) in a local scuola elementare (elementary/primary school). Following the theme of  il ciclo dell’acqua (the water cycle), we used la…

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Back To School – Part 2 Posted by on Mar 7, 2019

What better place to witness the veracity of the Italian saying ‘tutto il mondo è paese‘ than in a primary school? Tutto il mondo è paese (literally ‘the whole world is a village’) means: wherever you go people are fundamentally the same. The children that I have the privilege of working with in una scuola…

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Back To School – Part 1 Posted by on Mar 5, 2019

If someone had told me, as I joyfully walked out of the school gates for the last time way back in 1974, that I’d one day be teaching creative workshops in a village school in Italy, well I’d probably have thought them crazy! But life, as we all know, is full of many strange twists,…

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My Colombina Posted by on Feb 28, 2019

Today is the beginning of the last week of Carnevale (Carnival), which is known as settimana grassa (literally: fat week). This reminds me of my first encounter with traditional Italian Carnival characters. At that time I was attending la seconda elementare (the second year of primary school) at the Italian school in Benghazi (Libya), where,…

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