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Il Vento Posted by on Feb 22, 2018

Outside there’s a strong wind howling and whirling the snow around. According to the news, this wind comes from Siberia and is called ‘burian’. They say that it will bring even colder temperatures in the next few days. Inspired by the weather, I searched the Internet for a poem describing the wind, and finally found…

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Non Voglio Alzarmi! Posted by on Feb 19, 2018

Getting out of one’s nice cosy bed can be tough sometimes, especially in the middle of the winter when you’re lying there listening to the wind’s icy fingers grabbing at the roof tiles and whipping the branches around … Sto così bene qui a letto, devo davvero alzarmi? = I’m really comfortable here in bed,…

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Italian False Cognates Posted by on Feb 16, 2018

The English language contains many Latin words, and once you learn to recognise them it will be a great help in terms of building up your Italian vocabulary … … but not always … and that’s where false cognates come in. False cognates, more commonly known as false friends, are words that sound very similar…

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Tanto Tanto Amore Posted by on Feb 14, 2018

Today is Saint Valentine’s Day, and as usual I’ve been trying to find a romantic poem or song for you … Now, as Italy is a very romantic country, you’d think that this would be really easy. But not so. Why? Because almost all romantic Italian songs and poems seem to be written for a…

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Making Comparisons – An Exercise Posted by on Feb 13, 2018

Last week I published a blog called Making Comparisons In Italian in which we looked at the use of di and che in conjunction with più or meno. Here’s an exercise that will give you an opportunity to put that knowledge into practice. Firstly though, we’re going to see how we describe things that are in…

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