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Mezzi di Trasporto – 1 Posted by on Oct 9, 2010

If you’re visiting Italy, and you don’t have your own mezzo di trasporto (means of transport), then you will probably have to use i trasporti pubblici (public transport). Here is a bit of vocabulary to help you get around: 1. l’autobus (the bus) prendere l’autobus to take, or catch the bus domani mattina prendo l’autobus…

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San Francesco d’Assisi Posted by on Oct 6, 2010

San Francesco d’Assisi is the Patron Saint of Italy, and when I was a child ‘Saint Francis day’  (the 4th of October) was a national holiday. The great thing about this was that the school year used to start on the 1st of October, so after only three days we were already back on holiday…

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Pasta – part 2 Posted by on Oct 3, 2010

La Storia della Pasta (The History of Pasta) Above, preparazione della pasta nel XIV secolo. (pasta preparation in the 14th century). Origins Pasta, which is so closely linked to Italian culture, is in fact a universal  foodstuff whose origins can be traced back to l’età neolitica, circa 8000 a.C. (the new stone age, around 8000…

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