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La Tombola Posted by on Dec 30, 2010

The other day I was reminiscing with some friends about games we used to play during the Christmas and New Years holidays in the good old pre-electronic games days. Probably one of the most popular cooperative games was, and hopefully still is, la tombola (with the accent on TOM-bola), which is more or less the…

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Esondazioni, Alluvioni, e Frane Posted by on Dec 27, 2010

My sister in law arrived from France last Monday the 20th of December to spend Christmas with us here in Italy, having made a horrible 7 hour car journey from Nantes to Parigi only to be snowed in at Paris Airport for a couple of days.  Today is the 26th and so far she hasn’t…

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Il Menu di Natale Posted by on Dec 24, 2010

When I lived in England and taught Italian, at this time of year my students would ask me: "What is the traditional Italian Christmas meal?" They were very surprised when I told them that we don’t have a standard national pranzo di Natale (Christmas lunch), but each region has its own culinary tradition. So, this…

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Auguri di Natale Posted by on Dec 21, 2010

Yes, it’s time for the inevitable ‘Christmas Blog’. This year, I thought we’d have a look at what to write if you want to send a card to an Italian friend, or perhaps you just want to impress someone with your amazing linguistic ability! The mass exchanging of cards isn’t as big a thing here…

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Viva Verdi! Posted by on Dec 18, 2010

Last Saturday evening we went to the Teatro della Rosa in Pontremoli for a concert of choral works by Giuseppe Verdi. The performers were from Teatro Regio di Parma, one of Italy’s most important Opera Houses, which specializes in performing Verdi’s Operas. In fact Verdi was born in 1813 just a few kilometers from Parma,…

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