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Le Professioni–Part 2 Posted by on Jul 5, 2013

In the last article we looked at nouns which describe professions, and in particular those words that  don’t change their ending from masculine to feminine, i.e. professions ending in –ista such as farmacista (pharmacist, chemist), and professions ending in –nte such as insegnante (teacher). Today we are going to look at two more main groups…

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Le Professioni–Part 1 Posted by on Jul 3, 2013

Recently Geoff wrote an article about Luciano Lutring, “il solista del mitra” (the machine gun soloist). We had a comment from a reader asking why, in the title “il solista del mitra” we use the article il (masc. sing.) rather than la (fem. sing.), since the word solista ends in –a, which is the typical…

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