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Gli Odori Dell’Estate Posted by on Jun 14, 2017

It’s hot, we leave the windows ajar day and night to keep the house fresh. Gli odori dell’estate (the smells of summer) flow into the house … Profumo = Scent Just outside the kitchen door is a tall bushy gelsomino (jasmin). It gives off un profumo inebriante (an inebriating scent), especially in the evening. Il…

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Chi E’ Pazzo? Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

How do we define what is ‘normal’, or decide who is sane and who crazy? We live in a world full of stark contradictions, of atrocities committed in the name of lofty ideals. We try to dig at the truth but find our judgement obfuscated by the smoke and mirrors of “alternative facts”. Caparezza is…

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Una Risata Per Zio Luciano Posted by on Jun 9, 2017

Last Thursday, our lovely Zio Luciano passed away at the age of 85. Luciano had lived a very interesting life working for the Italian Consulate in various parts of the world including Benghazi, Zurich and Berlin before retiring to La Spezia. He loved a good chat, and was knowledgeable on many subjects, particularly history. We…

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At The Greengrocer’s In Italy Posted by on Jun 7, 2017

Today we are going to do some shopping at il fruttivendolo (the greengrocer’s). I hope you find the vocabulary useful. Buona lettura! Giovanna (una donna solare, chiacchierona e scherzosa): “Chi servo?” Giovanna (a radiant, chatty and humorous lady): “Who’s next?” Serena: “Tocca a me! Allora … mi serve un chilo di patate” Serena: “It’s my…

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The Italian Subjunctive – 4. Imperfect Tense Posted by on Jun 5, 2017

Let’s continue our series of articles on the subjunctive form with an in depth look at il congiuntivo imperfetto (the imperfect subjunctive). Constructing the congiuntivo imperfetto To construct the congiuntivo imperfetto of regular verbs we modify the ending of the infinitive in the following way: verbs ending in –are, e.g. parlare (to speak): io parlassi…

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Una Risata Per Il Weekend Posted by on Jun 2, 2017

Let’s finish the week with a smile. Remember your schooldays … a laugh a minute, right? Il bambino di un mafioso torna a casa con la pagella e la fa vedere alla mamma. La madre: “Italiano: 10, bravo! Geografia: 10, bravo! Storia: 10, bravo! Matematica: 10, bravissimo! Tutti 10, sei un figlio prodigio, bravissimo! Vai…

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