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Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns Posted by on Jun 28, 2020

Oh, pronouns! Last week we saw them in certain expressions. This week, let’s take a look at indirect and direct object pronouns in more detail. Learning these little important tidbits in any language always seems to be a bit of a pain, and in Italian it’s no different. But without them we would sound repetitive…

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Il vocabolario – fare shopping Posted by on Jun 21, 2020

Ciao a tutti! Depending on where you are located, stores may just be beginning to open back up after the pandemia, so here is some fare shopping vocabulary. Here in the US, we like to say we are “just browsing”. In Italy you would either say “vorrei dare un’occhiata” or “vorrei guardare un po‘.” Italians…

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Italian Passato Remoto Posted by on Jun 13, 2020

Ciao a tutti! Last week when you read the story La lepre e la tartaruga, you may have noticed a different verb tense, the passato remoto, the remote past. The passato remoto is typically a narrative past tense that is used to recount historical events or actions in the distant (remote) past. It is also commonly used in…

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Italian Folklore – The Tortoise and the Hare Posted by on Jun 5, 2020

I am sure you grew up reading a few fables, most of which surely came from Aesop, a storyteller from Ancient Greece who lived during the years 620 BCE – 564 BCE. Below is the fable the Tortoise and the Hare in Italian. Leave a comment letting me know what you think the moral of…

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