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Cantanti Italiani – Sergio Cammariere Posted by on Mar 20, 2010

I first discovered the music of Sergio Cammariere about three years ago when a friend lent me his album ‘Dalla Pace del Mare Lontano’ (2002). I was immediately captured by his melodies and his wonderful improvisational piano work. Cammariere mixes the tradition of the Italian ‘Cantautore’ (singer songwriter) with Classical, Jazz, and Latin American influences…

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Cantanti Italiani Contemporanei – Jovanotti Posted by on Jan 11, 2010

In this series dealing with cantanti Italiani contemporanei (contemperory Italian singers) I hope to give you an insight into some of the great Italian singers/musicians that are on the scene today. First of all, let me say that I don’t really like the kind of simplistic pop music that drones on all day on local radio stations and is…

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