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Rapporto sulla Salute dell’Italia – part 2 Posted by on Mar 27, 2011

WARNING, those of you who idealize the healthy Italian lifestyle and mythical Mediterranean diet may be disappointed! Adulti e bambini sempre più pesanti e grassi (Adults and children increasingly overweight) Every year in Italy about 50,000 deaths are related to obesity. Amongst adults 35.5% are overweight and 10% are obese, giving a total of 45.5%…

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Rapporto sulla Salute dell’Italia – part 1 Posted by on Mar 24, 2011

Tendenze demografiche (Demographic tendencies) In Italia, la popolazione residente (the resident population) is increasing. However, il tasso di fecondità (the birth rate) remains relatively stable, but below the 2.1 per couple which would guarantee a ricambio generazionale (renewal of the next generation). The current crescita demografica (demographic growth) is explained by immigration.  L’Italia continua ad…

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