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A Bit More Italian Back-to-frontness Posted by on Jul 1, 2015

Now why on earth won’t my spell checker recognise the word back-to-frontness? It seems perfectly valid to me! In my last blog, Learning Italian: The Back To Front Language! I touched upon the seemingly superfluous articles il, la, i, and le, in phrases such as la mia bici (the my bike): Hai visto la mia…

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Proprio Posted by on Jul 11, 2014

Here’s another question which I eagerly started replying to in my recent post ‘July’s Grammar Clinic’ thinking ‘this should be simple to answer, just a couple of lines should do the trick’. Ultime parole famose, 230 words later I realised that I was only half way through, so it’s all grown up and now it’s…

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Mia Mamma o La Mia Mamma? Posted by on Sep 7, 2011

As promised in Wednesday’s blog, ‘La Famiglia – Part 2’, this article will explain when we use the articolo determinativo – definite article (the), i.e. il, lo, la, i, gli, le, when talking about family members. The first thing to remember is that in Italian we always use the article before the possessive adjective (my…

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Mamma Mia! Posted by on Nov 22, 2008

Today I’ll try to shed a bit of light on the use of the aggettivi possessivi (possessive adjectives). Lets first have a quick look at them:   My = mio, mia, miei, mie Your (sing.) = tuo, tua, tuoi, tue His/her/its/Your (polite)  = suo, sua, suoi, sue Our = nostro, nostra, nostri, nostre Your (plur.)…

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