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Vegetable Vocabulary Posted by on Jun 28, 2009

Here is a vocabulary list containing some items you’ll probably see in a Japanese grocery store. やさい – vegetable たまねぎ – onion トマト – tomato ブロッコリー – brocolli レタス – lettuce きゅうり – cucumber ポテト – potato にんじん – carrot まめ – bean ほうれんそう – spinach だいこん – radish ズッキーニ – zucchini ししとう – green…

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Days of the Month Part 2 Posted by on Jun 25, 2009

Day 16 : じゅうろくにち (juurokunichi) Day 17 : じゅうしちにち (juushichinichi) Day 18: じゅうはちにち (juuhachinichi) Day 19 : じゅうくにち (juukunichi) Day 20 : はつか (hatsuka) Day 21 : にじゅういちにち (nijuuichinichi) Day 22 : にじゅうににち (nijuuninichi) Day 23 : にじゅうさんにち (nijuusannichi) Day 24 : にじゅうよっか (nijuuyokka) Day 25 : にじゅうごにち (nijuugonichi) Day 26 : にじゅうろくにち (nijuurokunichi) Day…

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Days of the Month Posted by on Jun 22, 2009

Day 1 : ついたち (tsuitachi) Day 2 : ふつか (futsuka) Day 3 : みっか (mikka) Day 4 : よっか (yokka) Day 5 : いつか (itsuka) Day 6 : むいか (muika) Day 7 : なのか (nanoka) Day 8 : ようか (yooka) Day 9 : ここのか (kokonoka) Day 10 : とおか (tooka) Day 11 : じゅういちにち (juuichinichi)…

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Japanese Banknotes Posted by on Jun 19, 2009

¥1000 : is blue in color. One side has Noguchi Hideyo (野口 英世). He’s also Noguchi Seisaku (野口清作). He suffered a burn injury in his childhood, that impacted his decision to become a doctor. Unfortunately, the injury deformed his hand and he was unable to get employment in Japan. He moved to America and did…

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Japanese Coins Posted by on Jun 16, 2009

¥1. Is equal to a penny. Has a tree on one side and the number 1 on the other side. ¥5.  Is about the worth of a nickel. Has a rice grain on one side and the year it was minted on the other side. This coin is interesting in that it has a…

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Japanese Months Posted by on Jun 13, 2009

January: ichigatsu (一月)(いちがつ) February: nigatsu (二月) (にがつ) March: sangatsu (三月) (さんがつ) April: shigatsu (四月) (しがつ) May: gogatsu (五月) (ごがつ) June: rokugatsu (六月) (ろくがつ) July: shichigatsu (七月) (しちがつ) August: hachigatsu (八月) (はちがつ) September: kugatsu (九月) (くがつ) October: juugatsu (十月) (じゅうがつ) November: juuichigatsu (十一月) (じゅういちがつ) December: juunigatsu (十二月) (じゅうにがつ) The months are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is place the number of the month with the…

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Labels of Japanese people Posted by on Jun 10, 2009

There are particular labels used to describe Japanese people who have left Japan to migrate to another country. Issei (一世) refers to people who were born in Japan, but have immigrated to another country. This term is especially used to refer to people in the U.S and Brazil. It’s also used to decribe the immigrants…

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