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Japanese Beetle Song Posted by on Jun 30, 2011

There’s a Japanese children’s song called ‘Koganemushi’ (黄金虫). Koganemushi is a type of metallic green beetle (pictured left). There are many different kinds of beetles in Japan. One other beetle that is also common in Japan is a horned beetle called ‘Kabutomushi’ (カブトムシ) [pictured below]. Beetle collecting is a big pastime of Japanese schoolboys. Some…

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Wonderful Waterfalls Posted by on Jun 27, 2011

The summer season is one of the best times to see some of Japan’s prettiest waterfalls. Fukuroda Falls (袋田の滝) can be found in the town of Daigo (大子町) in Ibaraki Prefecture (茨城県). The Fukuroda Falls is one hundred and twenty meters high. The width of this Waterfall is quite impressive. It’s about seventy meters wide…

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Dai Kannon Posted by on Jun 25, 2011

Kannon (観音) is the Goddess of Mercy. Large statues of Kannon called Dai Kannon (大観音) can be found scattered across Japan. One statue of a Dai Kannon is the Aizu Jibo Dai Kannon (会津慈母大観音). This Kannon Statue is in the city of Aizuwakamatsu (会津若松市) in Fukushima Prefecture (福島県). It’s 57 meters high. This particular Kannon…

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Geographic Wonders in Japan Posted by on Jun 21, 2011

Japan is one of the most geographically and ecologically diverse nations in the world. Some of these environmentally unique locations will totally stun you and open your eyes to a country that has a whole range of sights to see. One of these captivating places is the Naruto no Uzushio (鳴門の渦潮) or Whirlpools of the…

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Crater Lakes in Japan Posted by on Jun 18, 2011

Have you even seen a volcanic water crater? It’s one of the most beautiful sights that nature has blessed Japan with. It’s one of those things where you have to see it to understand its beauty! Mount Aso (阿蘇山) is a mountain range that consists of five major peaks. One of these peaks is named…

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Japanese Lullaby Posted by on Jun 15, 2011

There’s a Japanese lullaby called 揺籃のうた (yurikago no uta). It means “Cradle Song” in Japanese. It’s a sweet song sung to get babies to fall asleep. Have a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDvPiqzz81A&feature=related 揺籃のうたを (yurikago no uta o) A cradle song カナリヤが歌うよ (kanariya ga utau yo) A canary sings ねんねこねんねこねんねこよ (nenneko nenneko nenneko yo) Nenneko nenneko nenneko 揺籃のうえに (yurikago…

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Outstanding Okinawa Sites Posted by on Jun 12, 2011

Okinawan culture is a rich culture with a long history. There are still some remnants of Okinawa’s past that tourists can visit today. For instance, there’s the Shikinaen (識名園), which was a garden where the royal family relaxed and entertained guests. The Shikinaen is a garden that is distinctly different from the other gardens of…

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