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2013 Five Best Hot Springs in Japan! Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Culture

Due to the volcanic nature of Japan, there are many hot spring (Onsen, おんせん、温泉) resorts throughout Japan. During the cold months, Onsen(おんせん、温泉) attracts many visitors and tourists. Although Onsen(おんせん、温泉) is a perfect place to have a relaxing and peaceful time, that is not the only reason to make a trip to Onsen(おんせん、温泉).  Due to the minerals in the natural hot springs, people often go there for health reasons. Japanese people believe that a good soak in proper Onsen(おんせん、温泉) heals aches, pains and diseases. Some people visit Onsen(おんせん、温泉) on a regular basis to treat their illnesses.


I would like to share with you the TOP 5 Japanese Onsen(おんせん、温泉)based on the data from 2013.  This is a data from Yahoo Japan web site. They have created this list based on the visitor reviews with rating 4.3 (out of 5) and higher, and also based on the total number of reservations that each Onsen(おんせん、温泉) booked during the last year.


Suimeikan(すいめいかん、水明館)in Gero city, Gifu 


(English web site:http://www.suimeikan.co.jp/english/)

Suimeikan is located in Gero in Gifu prefecture. I am happy to see this resort within top 5!  I have been there in the past with my family, and we all loved it. Gero city has many Onsen’s(おんせん、温泉), but by far the Suimeikan is the largest Onsen(おんせん、温泉) resort in Gero.


Kinugawa Onsen(きぬがわおんせん、鬼怒川温泉)in Nikko city, Tochigi 


(Web site:http://www.asaya-hotel.co.jp/)

This resort is located in Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture. The resort is located higher than any other Onsen resorts around the same area. Because of that,  they are known for the breathtaking mountain and river view.


Kagaya(かがや、加賀屋)in Nanao city, Ishikawa


(English web site:http://www.kagaya.co.jp/en/)

Kagaya is located in Nanao city in Ishikawa prefecture. Visitors who have stayed at the resort often mentions that they were impressed with their exceptional service and variety of fresh seafood.


Altia(アルティア)in Toba city, Mie 


(Web site:http://toba.izumigo.co.jp/)

Hotel Altia is located in Toba city, Mie prefecture. Visitors love seafood here too, and also the private Onsen(おんせん、温泉) in each room seems to be the top reason for visiting this place!

Finally, number 1 Onsen(おんせん、温泉) resort in 2013 was……………………………………………….

Hakone Setsugetsuka(はこねせつげつか、箱根雪月花)Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa


(Web site:http://www.hotespa.net/hotels/setsugetsuka/)

2013, the most popular Onsen(おんせん、温泉) was Hakone Setsugetsuka(はこねせつげつか、箱根雪月花) located in Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa prefecture.  This resort features private ouside Onsen(おんせん、温泉) called Rotenburo(ろてんぶろ、露天風呂) within each room.  I am not surprised to hear that one of the Onsen(おんせん、温泉) resorts in Hakone was elected as No1. Hakone is a famous destination with proximity of less than 100 km from Tokyo. Its natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji makes this place one of the popular destinations among not only Japanese but also international tourists.

Following short video will give you a quick overview of the resort: Hakone Setsugetsuka(はこねせつげつか、箱根雪月花)


Next time when you go visit Japan and would like to stop by the Onsen(おんせん、温泉), try one of these popular ones!



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