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Hokkaidō (北海道) is the second largest island in Japan and is the northern most part of Japan. Hokkaidō is a place that has some of the most scenic places in all of Japan. For example, the Okhotsk (流氷) refers to the ice floes on Hokkaidō. Tourists come all the time to listen to the crackling and cackling of the drift ice, which is what the Okhotsk is famous for.



The Kushiro Wetlands (釧路湿原) have the most beautiful peat moss, marshes and reeds in Hokkaidō. The Kushiro Wetlands contain a vast wetlands ecosystem that includes salamanders, cranes and dragonflies. The Kushiro Wetlands are now a national park where people can visit and see all the wide green wetlands.



Shiretoko (知床) is a peninsula that is known to be well visited by tourists because of its whale watching cruises. The Shiretoko is one of the few places where you can see the Sperm Whales. The most common species of whales that can be seen on Shiretoko are the Orca, Killer Whales, Blue Whales and Humpback Whales.



The Hills in Biei (美瑛の丘) are renown for its wide fields and hillsides. The Hills in Biei are so iconic that they are often used in Japanese commercials. You may have seen these hills somewhere in advertisements without even realizing it! The late summer months are the ideal time to visit the Hills in Biei. The bright colors of the fields make it perfect to take photos!



The Sōunkyō (層雲峡) is a range of gorges that contains an excellent variety of waterfalls and cliffs. The area around  Sōunkyō is a resort area with hot springs, hotels and rest spots. The scenery in Sōunkyō is really superb. At rare moments you can see several rainbows across the Sōunkyō gorges. It just takes your breath away!

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