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J-Horror Movies Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like many other people I love watching movies 映画 (えいが). For some irreproducible reason I’m really into scary 怖い(こわい) and blood-curdling movies 映画.  I’m especially quite taken with Japanese Horror moviesホラー映画. Maybe I’ll get eye-rolled for liking such mainstream movies like “The Ring” リング or “Ju-on” 呪怨 but I still think they are worth watching. Most of the time I’m not really scared by those kind of movies but I have to admit I like the few moments when your heart 心臓(しんぞう) beats faster and you hold your breath 息が止まる(いきがとまる) in suspense 緊張 (きんちょう). Over the past few years some of the J-Horror movies have been remade for the U.S. market, but I do have to admit I prefer the original ones. Some of the best-known are:

The Ring (2002) and The Ring 2 (2005) with the original title リング (りんぐ)

The Grudge (2004) and The Grudge 2 (2006) with the original title呪怨 (じゅおん)

Dark Water (2005) with the original title 仄暗い水の底から (ほのぐらいみずのそこから)

Pulse (2006) with the original title 回路 (かいろ)

One Missed Call (2008) with the original title 着信アリ (ちゃくしんあり)

The Ring 3D (2012) with the original title 貞子3D (さだこ3D)

The reason I chose “J-Horros Movies” as the topic for my post is, that several weeks ago the new movie “The Ring 3D or Sakado 3D” (貞子3D) was released in theaters in Japan 日本 and I can hardly wait to see it. It was also released at the same time in South Korea, Hongkong and Singapore  whereas the  release date for the U.S is still unknown. The popular actress 人気女優 (にんきじょゆう) Ishihara Satomi 石原里美 was chosen as one of the main characters and it is her first lead role in a horror movie. The promo campaign プロモーシンfor the movie was also quite interesting. 50 Sadakos were strolling around Shibuya 渋谷しぶや, Tokyo and caused mixed reactions.

I’m looking forward to the movie and as soon as I’ve watched it, I will report you guys (^_-)☆.



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