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Japanese Condolence Messages Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

The recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan has saddened and shocked many people all over the world. In a situation like this, what is the right thing to say? If you’re wondering how to express your condolences in Japanese, there are several ways to say it.

心からお悔やみ申し上げます (kokorokara okuyamimōshiagemasu)

This phrase means “Please accept my sincerest condolences.”

このたびはご愁傷さまでございます (konotabiha goshūshōsamadegozaimasu)

This phrase means “On this sad occasion we grieve with you.”


(Sendaide daijishinga attatoiu nyūsuwo kīta hontōni okinodokuni zonjimasu)

This phrase means “I heard there was a big earthquake in Sendai; I feel deeply for you.” In place of Sendai, you can insert another place or location. The underlined part of the phrase is where you can insert the place or location.

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that there have been some people who have passed away as a result of the tsunami or earthquake. If someone you know has passed away, here are some sample phrases that you could use:

尊父の死に謹んで哀悼の意を表します (gosonpunoshini tsutsushinde aitōnoiwo arawashimasu  )

This phrase means “Please accept our condolences on the death of your father.” You can also insert a name or another pronoun in place for “father.” The underlined part of the phrase is where you should place the name.


(karega eiminshitatoiu shirasewo ukemashite makotoni goshūshōsamadesu)

This phrase means “I heard the news of his death with deep regret.”

Here are some phrases to express relief for those who survived:

あなたがご無事なのでほっとしています (anataga gobujinanode hottoshiteimasu)

This phrase means “I am relieved that you are safe.”


 (daijinitara nakattanoha, fukōchūnosaiwai deatta)

This phrase means “It was a small consolation that it had ended without serious incident.”

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  1. Melissa:

    Have faith in God that he will help you through this horrific time. May you see brighter days ahead. Although we are not there with you, we are grieving with you.

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