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Japanese Vocabulary Related To Family Part 2 Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

おにいさん – older brother (someone else)

あに – older brother (own family formal) ()

()にいさん – older brother (own family informal)

おねえさん – older sister (someone else)

あね – older sister (own family formal) ()

()ねえさん – older sister (own family informal)

おとうとさん – younger brother (someone else) ()

おとうと – younger brother (own family both formal and informal)

いもうとさん – younger sister (someone else) ()

いもうと – younger sister (own family both formal and informal)

おじさん – uncle (someone else)

おじ – older uncle (own family) (伯父)

おじ – younger uncle (own family (叔父)

おばさん – aunt (someone else)

おば – older aunt (own family) (伯母)

おば – younger aunt (own family) (叔母)

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