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Ramune Posted by on Sep 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Have you ever tried Ramune (ラムネ)? Ramune (ラムネ) is a soft drink with a twist! Ramune (ラムネ) bottles are known for the way they look rather than the way they taste. Ramune bottles are made of glass. The neck and top of the bottle is very unique looking. The interesting part of a Ramune bottle is that inside of the bottle is a marble that seals the opening of the bottle. To drink Ramune, you’ll have to push the marble back and let the liquid flow through the sides.

For me personally, the first time I drank Ramune, it was a disaster. Every time I tried to tip the bottle to drink it, the marble would block the opening and the liquid. When I tried to quickly tip the bottle before the marble floated to the top, all the liquid would rush out and spill all over my neck. Yes, it definitely takes some talent to drink Ramune!

Ramune drinks are carbonated, so when the marble sinks to the bottom, you can see all the fizziness of the soda. The marbles sometimes rattle on the bottom of the bottle. Drinking Ramune is almost like playing with a new toy you’ve never played with. It’s exciting and at the same time you’re trying to figure out how everything works.

There are several different Ramune flavors. My favorite is strawberry and kiwifruit. The original flavor for Ramune was a citrus like lemon flavored drink. In fact, the name Ramune comes from the English word for lemonade. There’s also a curry flavored drink. Let’s hope that it tastes better than it sounds.

If you type Ramune on Youtube, you can see various people’s attempts to open ramune. Some of videos are pretty funny!

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  1. Tatiana:

    Awesome! I found so many videos on youtube! Very funny… But now I really want to try Ramune… I think I’ll have a look next time I go to the Japanese community near where I live.

  2. jon:

    I LOVE strawberry ramune too!

    If you take another look at the neck of the bottle, you’ll find two little round indentations near the top. That’s to give the marble a place to stop when you tilt the bottle.
    It took me a few tries (plus a clean shirt!) to figure out, too 🙂

  3. Tatiana:

    Ha! I bought Ramune today for the first time… Well it didn’t go so well opening the first bottle and it gave people around me a good laugh, but I’m addicted!! Haha! I would like to find other flavours though, I only found one flavour, which I think is the ‘original’ one.

  4. Mary:

    Lychee flavored ramune is also delicious.