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Scary Japanese Films Posted by on Oct 31, 2009 in Culture

This Halloween, why not take the time to watch some scary Japanese movies? Here are some movie titles to help you get started:

リングRing. Is about a cursed tape that kills the person who views it. Will there be a way to stop the curse, or will it be doomed to continue forever?

呪怨The Grudge. Is about a curse that spreads to everyone who is in contact with the curse. Can the curse be stopped or will it lead to everyone’s demise?

仄暗い水の底からDark Water. Is about a drowning of a child that comes to haunt a woman and her daughter. Will the spirit of the child leave the two in peace?

回路Kairo. Is about the mysterious hauntings of ghosts through the internet. Will it be possible to escape these ghosts?

着信アリOne Missed Call. Several messages foreshadowing the cell phone’s user’s death spreads like wildfire. Who is behind this? What do they/he/she/it want?

輪廻Reincarnation. Are the ghosts in the hotel haunting the people in the hotel? What is the big dark secret that is causing this phenomemon?

稀人Marebito. The protagonist of the movie sees several apparitions. However, at the same time he has stopped taking his medication. Are the apparitions just his delusions or is he really seeing ghosts?

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  1. Alex:

    Have to check them out, thx for the compilation!
    What’s about isatsu sâkuru (Suicide Club)?