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Sports Arenas of Japan Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 in Culture

Spectator sports are a huge pastime in Japan and its only natural that there will be some spectacular sports arenas to accommodate all the fans. The Tokyo Dome (東京ドーム) is a famous baseball stadium that also hosts an entertainment complex that includes an amusement park, restaurants, souvenir shops, game centers and a horse race betting track.



Ryōgoku Kokugikan (両国国技館) is a sumo arena in Tokyo. The Ryōgoku Kokugikan is primarily used for sumo tournaments, but other indoor sporting events like boxing and wrestling are also hosted at this arena. The Ryōgoku Kokugikan also houses a museum that details the history of sumo, so it’s a place that you can go to get your fill of all things sumo.



The Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) was originally a judo hall for the 1964 Olympics, but now other martial arts tournaments in karate, kendo and akido are also held at the Nippon Budokan. In addition to hosting martial arts tournaments, the Nippon Budokan is also a large concert hall, so it has a multi functional purpose.



Kokuritsu Kasumigaoka Rikujō Kyogijō (国立霞ヶ丘陸上競技場) is the National Olympic Stadium in Shinjuku, Tokyo that was built to be the main stadium for the 1964 Summer Olympics. Today the Stadium mostly hosts major soccer matches in Tokyo, but other sports matches like rugby also take place at this Stadium.



The Tōkyō Taiikukan or the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (東京体育館) is a large gymnasium in Shibuya, Tokyo. The events that have taken place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymansium range from tennis matches, wrestling matches, figure skating championships, table tennis games, gymnastics tournaments and volleyball games.

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