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Cherry Blossoms

Some of the first blossoms of this season

As Yuki indicated, the seasons have finally changed. Japan saw a colder than average 冬 (ふゆ/winter) this year, with 雪(ゆき/snow) falling in areas that don’t often see it. 東京 (とうきょう/Tokyo) got more snow than it has seen in years! Now though, 春 (はる/Spring) has arrived and the people are rushing outdoors to enjoy the weather.

In 鹿児島 (かごしま/Kagoshima), where I live in 日本の南 (にほんのみなみ/southern Japan, the last of the 桜 (さくら/cherry blossoms) are falling, and the 花見 (はなみ/cherry blossom viewing parties) are over. The nature of 日本 (Japan’s) location and temperate climate means that 南 (みなみ/the south) warms up earlier than 北(きた/the north), and this means 桜 open earlier in 南 as a result. For example, while the 桜 are finished in this area, they have not even begun to open in the most northern areas. This is why forecasts of the 桜前線 (さくらぜんせん/cherry blossom front), as mentioned by Yuki are popular in Japan. The forecasts allows people to plan their few days off accordingly. Planning ahead seems to be a national pastime here.

Willemina standing in fallen blossoms

Willemina standing on a carpet of fallen blossoms

Most are sad to see the 桜 gone, but I find this time to be the most beautiful. The mix of 新緑 (しんりょく/new green leaves) and the last 桜 really puts a smile on my face. The greenness of the leaves is so powerful that it kicks me out of 冬 mode and makes me want to get out under the 木 (き/trees). It’s important to enjoy this time, because soon the 梅雨(つゆ/rainy season) will start in 五月末(ごがつまつ/late May), followed by the intense heat and humidity of 夏(なつ/Summer).

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