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The Three Holy Mountains Posted by on Jul 8, 2010 in Travel

If you’re thinking of going to Japan, make sure you visit the “three holy mountains” (さんれいざん) of Japan. You’ve most likely heard of one of the mountains- Mount Fuji (ふじさん). The other two are Mount Tate (たてやま) and Mount Haku (はくさん).

Mount Fuji is one of the most recognizable mountains in Japan. Its conical top is often photographed with snow. Mount Fuji is a popular hiking spot as well as a suicide spot. A forest at the base of the mountain called Aokigahara (青木ヶ原) is a common spot for people wanting to commit suicide. You’ll see a bunch of signs with positive messages encouraging people not to commit suicide.

Mount Tate is one of the more commercialized mountains. Visitors come to the mountains to bathe in the onsens (おんせん). The onsens put sulfur in the spring water. The smell of the sulfur is very strong and pungent, and sometimes unpleasant. At the peak of the mountain is a shrine where climbers can drink sake and receive a blessing from a priest.

Mount Haku is a popular stop for snowboarders. There is a continual supply of snow on the mountain. In fact, the name of the mountain in Japanese means “white mountain”. Mount Haku is one of the better environmentally preserved mountains. The rough terrain of the mountain provides only a few hiking and tourist trails. Because there is little human intervention, lots of plant and animal life are able to exist on the mountain.

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