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Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the summer. Summer beak has officially started in our area, which means kids are home all day, everyday. Oh boy. I am already having a hard time keeping the kids busy especially during the week. We have our family vacation coming up, but not until August. So, it will be a long month of July coming up for me.

So, this morning, kids were up early for some reason (this doesn’t happen so often), and already making some noise downstairs. They were playing video games in the living room, but as they were playing, they were bouncing up and down on the couch. I just had to yell at the kids, “どんどん するの やめて (Don don suruno yamete)!”(“Stop bouncing please!”  or this could also mean, “Stop making all the noise!” )

The word “don don” is another word that describes state or conditions in Japanese, but it is such a super versatile word that we use on many occasions. So, I figured why not cover this in today’s lesson. Once you are immersed in Japanese language, you will hear this word sooner or later. 😉


Don Don (どんどん,ドンドン) – loud noise (such as, knocking the door, beating a drum, and pounding the table loudly) bouncy noise, steadily, fast, away, rapidly, gradually, go ahead, etc. 🙂


My puppy is quickly growing.

Uchi no koinu wa don don seichō shiteimasu.

うちの こいぬは どんどん せいちょう しています。

(うちの 子犬は どんどん 成長 しています。)



Go ahead and keep walking (rapidly).

Don don aruite mae ni susun de.

どんどん あるいて まえに すすんで。

(どんどん 歩いて 前に 進んで。)



Fire away!

Don don utte!

どんどん うって!

(どんどん 撃って!)



Someone is knocking at the door loudly.

Dareka ga don don doa o tataite iruyo.

だれかが どんどん どあを たたいているよ。

(誰かが どんどん ドアを 叩いているよ。)



Feel free to ask me more questions.

Don don shitsumon shite kudasaine.

どんどん しつもん して くださいね。

(どんどん 質問して 下さいね。)



As I get to know you, I like you more and more.

Anata o shiru yō ni natte, don don anataga sukini narimasu.

あなたを 知るようになって どんどん あなたが すきに なります。

(貴方を 知るように なって どんどん 貴方が 好きに なります。)



Study on and on. You will have an exam next week.

Don don benkyō shitene. Raishu sheiken aru yone.

どんどん べんきょう してね。 らいしゅう しけん あるよね。

(どんどん 勉強してね。来週 試験 あるよね)


Eat more (and more).

Don don tabetene.

どんどん たべてね。

(どんどん 食べてね)



These are just a handful of examples, and there are many more ways to use this word. If you think of any, share with me at the comment below! 🙂


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