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Bosonggun (보성군) Posted by on Feb 10, 2009

Bosonggun (보성군) county is located in the Jollado (전라도) province.  Bosonggun (보성군) is known as the premier green tea plantation.  While the green tea plantation is amazing in and of itself, I prefer the spring baths.  The spring bath is called Yulpo Haesu Nokchatang (율포 해수 녹차탕).  The spring baths are a mixture of natural…

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I accept! Posted by on Feb 9, 2009

I haven’t really talked about Korean standards for accepting and declining, so here goes a post on this very important matter.  For one thing, accepting and declining an offer can be tricky for the newbies.  One rule you should always follow is the rule of humility and modesty.  It’s considered polite to refuse someone when…

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Jejudo (제주도): Romantic Getaway Posted by on Feb 8, 2009

Valentines Day is coming up and I thought it would be a good time to mention some romantic destinations in Korea.  For many Korean newlyweds, Jejudo (제주도) is a popular honeymoon hotspot.  Even if you’re not a newlywed, you’ll find that Jejudo (제주도) will look like one of those scenic places that you see on postcards. …

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Sengil Chukhaheyo (생일 축하해요) Posted by on Feb 7, 2009

Guess whose birthday it is today?  Give up?  It’s mine’s!  Today I turn one year older!  Want to know how old I am?  That…that’s personal, lol!  The Koreans calculate their age by two methods.  The first method is with the Gregorian calendar and is called yang lyok (양력). The second method is with the lunar calendar and…

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Jejudo (제주도) Posted by on Feb 6, 2009

Jejudo (제주도) is an island geographically distinct from the South Korean peninsula.  While Jejudo (제주도) is considered to be a part of the South Korean soil, it’s considered an autonomous province as well.  So yeah, it’s a bit complicated but to make a long story short, Jejudo (제주도) is considered a part of Korean territory…

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Starcraft Posted by on Feb 5, 2009

For all you gamers out there, this will be your favorite post!  Today I’m going to talk about Starcraft, or sutakureputu (스타크래프트), which is the way Koreans pronounce it.  I’m a little scared writing about Starcraft. The die hard fans of Starcraft might all rush to hunt me down if I fail to be accurate…

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Politeness Levels Posted by on Feb 4, 2009

A lot of people ask me, what is the difference between the standard polite form and the deferential polite form in Korean?  The answer to that is that the deferential polite form uses a higher level of politeness than the standard polite form.  While both the standard and the deferential forms are polite, you would…

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