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How to Count Money in Korean (Post 1) Posted by on Jan 13, 2020

I once had a chance to live in Latin America for about a year. I was not fluent in Spanish at all, but I was able to get by since I Committed myself, right at the beginning, to learn Spanish numbers. Learning and understanding numbers is a crucial skill, especially if you live in a…

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How Koreans Celebrate Christmas Posted by on Jan 11, 2020

I personally have a couple of family members’ birthdays around Christmas, including mine. Ever since I moved to the USA, I sometimes feel my birthdays get neglected under holiday seasons. Although it wasn’t a big deal when I lived in Korea because Koreans celebrate Christmas in a different way. 성탄절 (seong-tan-jeol: Christmas) is a 공휴일…

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How to Make JapChae Posted by on Dec 10, 2019

Although I may not be an excellent cook yet, there are a couple Korean dishes I can surprise my 시댁 식구들 (si-daek-sik-goo-dle : family in laws) on holidays. 잡채 (Jap-Chae: a Korean noodle dish) is one of dishes I made my in laws absolutely happy with for one Christmas dinner. Instead of having a traditional…

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Korean Expressions Which Benefit From Cultural Knowledge Posted by on Oct 30, 2019

When it comes to learning language, I can share many personal experiences with you as an English as a second language learner. It is a never-ending homework, which can only be done by your determination. I bet the road to learn Korean might be similar for you as well. In fact, I want to discuss…

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How to Make Korean Soybean Sprout Bulgogi Posted by on Oct 9, 2019

One day, I told my friend how much I miss Korean 집밥 (jib-bob: homemade food). She said that she often soothes her stomach with 콩불 (kong-bool: a Korean dish. It is short for 콩나물 불고기: kong-nah-mul -bul-go-gi: soybean sprout Bulgogi). She couldn’t stop talking about how satisfying this dish can be whenever she craves Korean…

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Korean Expressions to Describe Weather (part 2) Posted by on Sep 30, 2019

I  lived in Seattle for a decade. Summer in Seattle was beautiful, but it was always too short. Looking back, wet and cold weather might have affected my moods in Seattle. I have recently moved to a warmer place, hoping that I wouldn’t have to go through wet and cold winters anymore. I have been…

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Korean Expressions to Describe Weather (part 1) Posted by on Sep 5, 2019

When I was studying English in Australia, I was very intrigued by the cultural habit of engaging in small talk with strangers. To me, this was something both foreign and welcoming. Back then, I wasn’t shy about making mistakes in speaking English, but the practice of making small talk itself was something which pushed me…

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