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Korean Dramas Posted by on Mar 30, 2009

Korean soap operas are called drama (드라마).  Unlike the soaps in the U.S., Korean dramas (드라마) run about three months to six months long.  Here is a list of Korean dramas (드라마) that have been well received by the international public: Full House (풀하우스): It’s been especially popular in Taiwan and stars the female lead…

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Korean Movies Posted by on Mar 29, 2009

Watching Korean movies with English subtitles is a great way to learn Korean.  I’m going to list a couple of movies that are/were critically acclaimed by the South Korean public. The tension and strife between North and South Korea is a popular theme for many Korean movies.  Take the movie Shiri (시리).  Shiri (시리) is…

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Independence Day Posted by on Mar 28, 2009

July 4th is the day the American colonists declared their independece from England.  Well, Koreans also have their own Independence Day called samiljul (삼일절).  The name samiljul (삼일절) was named after the March protest demonstrations.  The demonstrations were called manseundong (만세운동).  Coincidentally, Korea was subjugated by the Japanese the same number of years the American…

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Samjil Nal (삼질날) Posted by on Mar 26, 2009

Samjilnal (삼질날) is known as one of those special occasions that fall under the category of seshi pungsok (세시풍속).  Seshi pungsok (세시풍속) is a term used to describe festivals that are celebrated with the change in seasons.  Samjilnal (삼질날) is considered an auspicious day because it’s celebrated on the third day of the third month…

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Kim Jong Il’s (김정일) Birthday Posted by on Mar 23, 2009

Did you know that last month was Kim Jong Il’s sengil (생일) or birthday?  His birthday is a national holiday.  Kim Jong Il’s birthday was accompanied by a ceremony much like the mass games for the Olympics.  There were synchronized swimmers, acrobatic dancers, and muscians.  Strangely enough, Kim Jong Il (생일) was not present at…

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Korean News: State Visit Posted by on Mar 19, 2009

Did you know that Hillary Clinton is the first secretary of state to visit the countries of Asia right after being promoted to office?  In the past, the first countries that the secretary of state would visit were the Middle East and Europe.  The fact that Clinton’s first visit is anywhere in Asia signifies the…

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Korean Proverb of the Day Posted by on Mar 17, 2009

Today’s proverb is: 虛心坦懷. The pronunciation and meaning for each character are as follows: 虛 – huh (empty) 心 – shim (heart) 坦 – tan (flat) 懷 – hwe (cherish) This proverb is used to describe a person who is frank, candid or open-minded. The character meaning empty (虛) and the character meaning heart (心)…

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