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Animal Names Posted by on Jul 28, 2009

I was helping my cousin with his home-made Korean language flash cards and I noticed he didn’t have a list for animals. This is more for him, but I hope it will benefit you as well. bear – (곰) gom elephant – (코끼리) kkoggiri tiger – (호랑이) horangi giraffe – (기린) girin monkey – (원숭이)…

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General Guidelines for Korean Counters Posted by on Jul 25, 2009

Counters that use Sino Korean numbers tend to be counters that measure a unit of time. For example, the Korean counter months is wol (월). Ex: January is ilwol (일월). Counters that use Native Korean numbers tend to be counters that measure an amount of time that has passed. For example, the Native Korean counter for…

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Hangover Soup Posted by on Jul 22, 2009

In Korea, the common cure for a hangover is Hejangguk (해장국). Hejangguk (해장국) can be made in different ways. The people of Seoul have a tendency to mix together denjang (된장) or soybean paste with kongnamul (콩나물) or sprouts, mu (무) or radish, bechu (배추) or cabbage, junbok (전복) or abalone, and kumbulgunsek (검붉은색) or…

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Korean Surnames Posted by on Jul 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered what Korean surnames sound like? You may have see some of them below. Some of them are very common, and some are not. On official documents like birth/marriage/divorce certificates, it’s typical to see the surname in Chinese characters. How many have you seen before? Kim (김) (金) Park/Bak (박) (樸) Lee/Yi (이)…

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The Bigger Numbers Posted by on Jul 16, 2009

1000 – chun (천) 2000 – i chun (이천) From 1000 – 9000, it’s the numeral plus thousand. For example, 3,000 = 3 (삼) and 1000 (천). For example, a number like 4,567 would be: 4 thousand (사천) 5 hundred (오백) 60 (육십) 7 (칠). 10,000 – man (만) 20,000 – i man (이만) Numbers…

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Sino Korean Numbers Continued Posted by on Jul 13, 2009

20 – i ship (이십) 30 – sam ship (삼십) 40 – sa ship (사십) 50 – o ship (오십) 60 – yuk ship (육십) 70 – chil ship (칠십) 80 – pal ship (팔십) 90 – gu ship (구십) 100 – bek (백) 200 – i bek (이백) 300 – sam bek (삼백) For…

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Sino Korean Numbers Posted by on Jul 10, 2009

0 – young (영) 0 – gong (공) 1 – il (일) 2 – e (이) 3 – sam (삼) 4 – sa (사) 5 – o (오) 6 – yuk (육) 7 – chil (칠) 8 – pal (팔) 9 – gu (구) 10 – ship (십) 11 – ship il (십일) 12 –…

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