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Korean Alcohol Posted by on Feb 7, 2010

The most commonly known and consumed alcohol in Korea is 소주 (See post 10/25/2008 for more on 소주), but did you know that there are other varieties of alcohol in Korea? 약주 literally means “medicinal alcohol”. According to legend, there once was a woman who became sick after her husband’s death. She made herself some…

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ㅅ Ending Words in the Past Tense Posted by on Feb 4, 2010

In the last post, we looked at ㅅ ending words in the present tense. Today we’ll look at ㅅ ending words in the past tense. The verb 짓다 (to build) in the past tense of the standard polite will be 지었어요. Drop the 다 and ㅅ of 짓다 and add 었어요 to form the past…

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ㅅ Ending Words Posted by on Feb 1, 2010

Some ㅅ ending verbs like 짓다 (to build) are a part of a special class of verbs that end in ㅅ. In the standard polite present tense form, 짓다 will be conjugated as 지어요. The 다 from 짓다 is dropped and so is the ㅅ from 짓. Then 어요 is added. Let’s try conjugating the…

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