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Adventurous Korean Food: Korean Beef Sashimi (Tartare) Posted by on Jan 17, 2014

For the adventurous eater, running out of gastronomical options in Korea is like an empire running out places to expand.  Yuk-whey (육회), Korean beef sashimi (a take on steak tartare), is one of the more ambitious, yet unknown, foods in Korea. And it’s a delight. Korean beef sashimi has stayed out of the mainstream conversations…

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Korean Cuisine’s Best Kept Secret is Found in Busan Posted by on Jan 8, 2014

The first time I was offered dog soup–a very rare, intolerable meal in modern day Korea–I turned it down not because it was gastronomically unethical, but because it reminded me too much of what I always considered Korea’s greatest soup, Busan’s pork rice soup (Dwaeji gukbop, 돼지국밥). Busan prides itself on this little known, heavy…

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