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The Scientific and Phonetic Korean Script, 한글(Hangeul): Consonants #2 Posted by on Jul 26, 2017

Do you know why 한글  is considered a highly phonetic and scientific writing systems? You will have a good understanding after reading the following explanation of Korean consonants and their sounds. Last week I introduced the brief history of  한글, and how to form syllables in Korean. This post will cover more detailed information about the…

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The Scientific and Phonetic Korean Script, 한글(Hangeul) #1 Posted by on Jul 19, 2017

Are you familiar with the Korean script called, 한글 (Hangeul)? If you are interested in building fluency in Korean, especially in reading and writing, this series of posts will help you in understanding and learning the structure of 한글. This post will cover a brief history of 한글 and how to form syllables in Korean…

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Frequently Used Emoticons by Koreans Posted by on Jul 12, 2017

Do you believe a picture is worth a thousand words? Emojis and emoticons are changing the way we communicate with the people around us. Can you count how many times you used them in your text messages today? How familiar are you with emoticons that Korean people often use in their text messages? In this…

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Telling Time in Korean: What Time Is It Now? Posted by on Jul 5, 2017

Are you able to tell time in the Korean language? Being able to tell time in Korean will become a very useful skill that you can learn when you socialize with the people around you. In this post, we will explore how to tell time in Korean so that you can plan a meeting with…

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