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The Essential Honorific Words in Korean Posted by on Nov 29, 2017

How familiar are you with honorific words in Korean? By incorporating honorific words in your Korean speaking, you will be able to demonstrate your consideration to your listeners in a highly respectful way. Referring back to these two posts, “Formal or Informal?” and “How to Greet & Say Goodbye Like a Korean”, Korean language has…

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Daily Routine and Time: This Is My Day in Korean. Posted by on Nov 22, 2017

The last two posts included a list of verbs regarding your daily routine, and how to conjugate those verbs. This post will teach you how to describe your daily routines and when they take place in a present tense polite form, ‘-요’ style. ex) 저는 6시 30분에 일어나요. (I wake up at 6:30.) 7시에 커피를…

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Korean Verbs and Your Routine #2 Posted by on Nov 16, 2017

This is the second series of the Korean verbs and your routine. The last post was about the list of verbs that are useful to describe your routine and how to conjugate their dictionary forms into present tense polite forms. This post will introduce you to two more rules on how to conjugate them in…

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Korean Verbs and Your Routine #1 Posted by on Nov 8, 2017

What do you do on a daily basis? We perform countless little actions throughout the day. Do you know how to describe your daily routine in Korean? This post will introduce to you a list of verbs that will be useful to describe your routine, and how to conjugate them in a present tense polite…

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A Popular 떡볶이 (a spicy rice cake dish) Restaurant in South Korea Posted by on Nov 2, 2017

Do you remember when I mentioned about a spicy rice cake dish called 떡볶이 (Tokbokki) which is an addictive Korean snack for many people? In this post, I will introduce you to one of the most popular stops for a 떡볶이 dish in Seoul.   You can grab delicious 떡볶이 (Tokbokki-a spicy rice cake dish) in many…

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