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The Cultural Difference Between Korea and America Posted by on Apr 29, 2019

I have been living in two different worlds, between Korean and American 문화(moon-hwa:culture), since I met my husband. I am a native Korean and my 남편(nam-pyoen: husband) is an American. People say that it is normal for married couples to learn about their partner’s peculiarities in the beginning of 결혼(kyoel-hon: marriage). I started to realize…

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My Favorite Korean Song Posted by on Apr 19, 2019

Did you know that songs you hum in the shower can tell you how old you are? My favorite shower song is ‘어머님께’ (To Mother) by 지오디 (g.o.d.). This male group band has been loved by Koreans since 1999. They have other popular songs, but I love ‘어머님께’. Somehow, the melody of this song…

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