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How to Describe Pain in Korean Posted by on Jul 30, 2019

개떡같이 말해도 찰떡같이 알아듣는다. (gae-ttuk-gatchi-mahl-hae-doh-chal-ttuk-gatchi-ara-dut-nun-dah.) We have this Korean expression which perfectly describes the difficulties of a novice interpreter. It means the listener should basically understand the gist of what someone is saying based entirely on situational context and common interests, even if the speaker can’t articulate with words. One of the most difficult things…

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Superstitions My Grandmother Believed Posted by on Jul 3, 2019

Before my grandmother converted to Catholicism, she was a devout Buddhist. She insisted that we follow many rules at home, such as never placing the head of spoons upside down, or making sure that we leave our umbrellas on the 현관 (hyun-kwan: porch) and never to bring them inside or open them in the…

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