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Movies That Predicted Our Reality Posted by on Apr 21, 2020

정보통신기술  (jeong-boh-tong-shin-gi-sul: Information Technology) in Korea is highly advanced and Korea is one of the top IT developed countries. During COVID-19, there are many IT methods that have educated and informed Koreans on how to prevent COVID-19. Other than TV, most Koreans are receiving COVID-19 daily updates via texts/emails.     One of IT methods…

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Handwashing is the Key Posted by on Apr 7, 2020

I like watching medical dramas because it gives me the 대리만족 (dae-ri-mahn-jok: vicarious satisfaction) of my childhood dream being a doctor. Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite TV shows. As much as I love this show, I also honestly think it is about time to wrap this show up. Nonetheless, this show has been…

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