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Wait, Is That Korean or English? (Part 2) Posted by on Jun 24, 2020

I have been collecting Korean 허위 동족어 (huh-wee-dong-jok-uh: false cognates) for a while. 허위 동족어 are pairs of words that seem to be cognates because of similar sounds and meaning, but have different etymologies. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_cognate#:~:text=False%20cognates%20are%20pairs%20of,even%20within%20the%20same%20family.) I have more Korean false cognates that I can share with you. I hope this post helps you expand your Korean…

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Wait, Is That Korean or English? (Part 1) Posted by on Jun 22, 2020

As a bilingual in Korean and English, I often secretly giggle inside my head whenever I hear English words that sound like Korean. Sometimes when this happens, it just confuses me for a second. But often the result absurdly twists the entire meaning of the sentence. (https://slate.com/human-interest/2014/09/7-ways-to-fake-pronounce-any-foreign-language-from-a-linguist.html) Korean language is the one of the oldest…

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Things You Want to Know When You Go To a Korean Restaurant Posted by on Jun 16, 2020

After I took my in-laws to a 한국 식당 (han-gook-sik-dang: a Korean restaurant) for the first time, everybody fell in love with Korean food. However, I was surprised to find that my new American 시댁 식구 (si-daek-sik-goo: family in law) was so unfamiliar with the culture of Korean food. I certainly was not prepared to…

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