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Proper Korean Expressions at a Family Event (Part 1) Posted by on Feb 22, 2021

It is always better to share 경조 (kyung-jo: congratulations and condolences) with your people whether it is good or bad. Koreans consider that it is important to participate in 지인 (ji-in: an acquaintance)’s 경조사 (kyung-jo-sah: a family event) in order to share 희노애락 (hee-no-ae-lak: all kinds of emotions in life.)  It is one of the…

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Easy Korean Jjimdak Recipe at Home Posted by on Feb 9, 2021

Living abroad for a long period of time often makes you do things that you wouldn’t normally do at home. Covid-19 has certainly encouraged me to cook more Korean dishes than I would cook at home. I have started regularly cooking Korean food at home since last March when 자가격리 (jah-gah-gyuk-ri: lockdown) had been implemented…

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